Paris Street Style


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rocco said...

OMG! she looks beautiful, love the militar jacket, it's perfect and the handbag. The pants are cool.
Have an amazing day

Vinda Sonata said...

yesh! now i am inspired too. the girl in the second picture has a marvelous style. i totally wow-ed her military jacket and leather-detailed jeans. how can a woman look that gorgeously styled?

XTine E. P. said...

i love the second picture with Constance Jablonski, mostly that military jacket...gotta have it!!! I think I should post some pictures of it ^^ the trend is already 1 or even 2 yrs. old, but it's still in common and for my taste eternal ;)

rkm. said...

paris street style fan ever since!!!!

XTine E. P. said...

Ja gell!? Paris, die Stadt der Mode <3

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