Kristen Stewart


Omg, didn't know that she can be sooo hot! And a new haircut aswell *gorgeous*! Here are some pictures of her latest shooting for 'Interview' Oct/Nov 09, one's really naughty ;)


Photography by: Craig McDean

Source: Interview, Fashionising

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Ribbonlicious said...

Wuah, ich hoffe doch sehr das die $3495 ein reiner Tippfehler war? O_O; Schick ist es schon, aber..!
Danke ~~~ Hab dich geaddet ^_^

Anonymous said...

pastel colors are my new obsession and those photos are the prove of how beautiful light color shades can be, xx

Kendra said...

Love the pictures, they're great,
She looks fantastic!

come check me out and follow if you like :)

Anonymous said...

She looks great in the photos but the hair is just atrocious lol
Thanks for the comments
Wow you'll have to email me some info about Melbourne. I'll be in Gold Coast and Sydney

coco said...

i love her and these great pictures!

Miss Lady said...

@Ribbonlicious: "Ne ne, haha ist schon richtig so! Ich hab meinen augen auch nicht trauen können! tja, ich sag nur Balenciaga! Ist wirklich ziiiemlich 'nicht-günstig'! Danke, freut mich! Lg xoxo ;)

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