Bershka was created in April 1998 as a new store and fashion concept (belonging to the Spanish Inditex group the owner of Zara), aimed at a younger target market. It now has 626 stores in 41 countries. Bershka stores are large and spacious with an avant-garde appearance. They are intended to be meeting points for street fashion, music and art. In the store, costumers can watch videos, listed to CDs or read magazines (nice!;). At Bershka, the shopping experience is a sociocultural immersion into the youth aesthetics of the new country.

Sadly, but there's still no Bershka store opened up here in Germany! Hopefully they will, but if not  there's still a chance to get me to Bershka store ---> in Austria ;) (My second home).

get dressed by Bershka

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