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The last post was about the wildfox vampire-obsessed collection ... I'm continuing with the second part of the movie Twilight 'New Moon' coming up this November 2009; a vampire-love-story between Isabella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). I've read the whole Twilight-Saga and must confess I also got into that "Twilight-Fever". Most of the Twilight-Fans adore Robert Pattinson, but seriously ... I find Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) much more cuter. I already bought tickets for the Premiere on the 22nd November, can't wait to see him on the screen performing as a werwolf. 

Taylor Lautner
The Twilight star's big win at the Scream Awards

Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner, (very good looking) wearing a black leather jacket, jeans, and a tee, nabbed the Male Breakout Performance award at Spike TV's 2009 Scream Awards Saturday night. The ceremony, which honors the best horror, sci-fi, and fantasy flicks, was also attended by Keith Richards, Quentin Tarantino, Johnny Depp, CHristina Ricci, and Megan Fox. Though we'll have to wait another month to see Lautner reprise his role as teen werewolf Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga 'New Moon', the movie's stellar soundtrack hit shelves 2 weeks ago.

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