Blogger Phenomenon Tavi Gevinson


A 13 year old girl captured the international art/fashion scene. A few years before it was unthinkable, but in these days there are already numerous alternatives on the internet to be successful. But, it is difficult to stand out from the unmanageable mass of blogs. Tavi succeeded in her own way having an awesome passion for fashion, her extraordinary style and of course her youthfulness. From Chicago she managed it to the front row of the big fashion shows in New York. The High-School-Student turned  into the favorite of the branch with her fashion-blog. She began her blog, "Style Rookie" on March 31, 2008 when she was 11 year old. Since then, she has had up to 50,000 readers, but not the 4 million that Grazia reported. While Gevinson describes herself as a "tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats", many look to her for style inspiration. In mid-2009, Gevinson partnered with London-based Borders&Frontiers to design and sell her own t-shirt. In August 2009, she appeared on the cover of Pop Magazine, which feature photographs by Jamie Morgan and was designed by artist Damien Hirst. Bloggers like Tavi have been referred to as the "frontline of fashion". She has also become a regular guest at fashion shows. inspiration feed ;)

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